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Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Update on Billy Ray

So many cool stories continue to happen to Billy Ray.

He and Bill have been invited to England to hob nob with royalty.  Some order has granted honorary status to them and has invited them to come meet the dutchess.  (My apologies to our cousins across the big pond for not knowing the specifics.  I'm sure I've butchered the story in many ways.)

Last Sunday, Billy Ray was reunited with his brother and sisters on NBC's Today Show.  He was quite surprised!  Here's the link if you haven't seen it.  http://www.today.com/id/51240194/ns/today-good_news/t/reunited-family-homeless-man-who-returned-ring-says-hes-got-it-all/  While in NYC, Billy Ray enjoyed meeting some of Sarah's relatives, one of which was an astronaut.  From what I hear, they had quite the conversation!

Some of you have found the YouTube link of Billy Ray addressing my class in Kansas City a few weeks ago.   See it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5QCLaNgJ8o.
He tells a wonderful story of witnessing "pay it forward" came full circle in his presence.

Thank you for your continued interest in Billy Ray!  He sends his love to all of you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Apparently Heroes Fail

My friend, Steve Peifer, is my hero.  He was also CNN's hero of the year in 2007  for feeding children in Kenya.  He and Nancy lost a child that was only a few days old, and their lives changed forever from a prosperous job with Oracle to getting lost in Africa.  There they found their souls again.

Officially, Steve serves as a high school guidance counselor at Rift Valley Academy.  Unofficially, he initiated a feeding program that once fed 23,000 children one meal a day...children who couldn't stand up by Thursday because they hadn't eaten since Monday.  He also introduced computers to schools that don't have electricity.  His computer centers are powered by the sun.  One child heard about her opportunity to learn about computers, and she said, "I never had a dream so big."

I had coffee with Steve in 2011 after a few years of downturn in the world economy.  Donations from the USA had fallen to the point that Steve was able only to feed 13,000 children in Kenya the previous year.  What do you say to a hero who has tears in his eyes and tells you, "I feel like such a failure."  If he's a failure, then what am I?

Steve's book comes out tomorrow/today.  Be forwarned.  Steve is a nut!  Here is an excerpt from an email I got today. 
We had pizza the other night, and I got to slice one of them. I was rather rudely mocked by my children because my slices weren't equal in size. On another day, we were invited to a friend's home for pizza. Jim was a commander of a nuclear sub; now he is helping to expand the mission hospital. As I looked at his unequal pieces, it occurred to me that I could have been a commander of a nuclear sub.

Want another grab-your-heart story?  Check out his book.  Steve promised his African-adopted daughter that she could have a pony if the book became a #1 Best Seller.  I'd like to bet on that horse!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Apparently Billy Ray is a Public Speaker

My travels took me back to Kansas City this week.  No longer is this a city in which I have no friends.  Billy Ray and I spent the whole time together, including a seminar I taught on Monday. 

He believes that these events have happened to him so that he can communicate a message of hope, love, and service to others.  We discussed the possibility of some speaking engagements in the future, and I had the privilege of witnessing his first opportunity.  My class gave up their lunch time to hear Billy Ray speak.  He communicated humbly and eloquently. 

Tonight Billy Ray called to tell about an interview he did with a radio station in Minnesota.  Afterwards, they invited him to come there to speak to teenagers.  He accepted on the condition that they wait for warmer weather!  Plans are in the works for a summer visit!

What does the future hold?  No one knows for sure.  However, if you'd like for Billy Ray to come speak at one of your events, feel free to contact him through this venue.

Thank you for your beautiful comments about my first encounter with Billy Ray. I will respond individually in the next few days. You have touched my heart!  Thank you Bill Krejci for setting up giveforward.com/billyray.  And thank you, Billy Ray, for being the angel we have had the privilege of entertaining unaware!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Apparently a Homeless Man Has Much to Offer

Recently Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man in Kansas City, made national news for his honesty and integrity.  As a way of saying thank you, many have donated to a fund to help this worthy individual (see http://www.giveforward.com/billyray/). Billy Ray has been a friend of mine since 2008.  The following is a personal journal entry I made in 2008 on the night I met Billy Ray.

Apparently a Homeless Man Has Much to Offer

Tonight I have been so lonely and empty.  I interviewed today for a job in Kansas City, a city I don't know, all alone, feeling the hurt of some very special people in my life.  I didn't have anyone to talk to, no one to eat dinner with, no one to do something with...all at a time that should be very exciting because of other things going on.  Lonely...empty.  I can't take this job even it it's offered.  I wouldn't be able to stand this kind of loneliness while traveling.  Then again, I'd be lonely anywhere right now no matter who I was with.


I asked the desk clerk where I could go to dinner where I could be around other people.  He directed me to a place called Country Club Plaza. As I arrived, my daughter Haley called, and I walked along the street with many other people while talking to her.  I was listening to her, and giving a half-hearted effort toward looking for some place where I could watch people or somehow feel part of a community.  I walked by a black homeless man who asked me for money, and it was very easy to say "not now" while I continued to talk on the phone.


Suddenly it hit me that I could ask a homeless man to have dinner with me.  I told Haley what I was about to do, and she let me off the phone.  I knelt beside the homeless man who was sitting on all his worldly possessions in a back pack.  He was begging for money, but he was also reading a newspaper.  There was something different about him.


I told him I was from out of town, and quite frankly I was kind of lonely.  I told him it would be an honor for me if he would have dinner with me.  He made excuses, looked uncomfortable, but with some small prodding, he said, "Well, I have to be somewhere by 8:30, but I guess I could do some carry out."  (The time was 7PM.)  We started walking together.  He was articulate, intelligent, engaging...just homeless.  I met Billy Ray.


Billy Ray took me to a famous BBQ place in KC.  According to him, you're not considered a native of the area until you've had KC BBQ.  A few people stared at Billy Ray as we walked in.  He wasn't exactly the dirtiest homeless person I've ever met, although he did have a slight odor.  Honestly, I didn't care.  I saw in him a companion who was saving me from something...but we'll get to that.  He was my friend, and I was truly happy to be with him.


We talked.  He is from Wichita Falls Texas, moved to KC, painted houses, divorced, lost his job, and became homeless.  One winter he nearly froze because the parks and recreation people came and took all his stuff...his sleeping bag, his blankets, everything.  He was so distraught he didn't know what to do.  As he wandered aimlessly down the side walk, a woman pulled up next to him and asked if he would like the stuff in her trunk.  Included in the stuff was a brand new sleeping bag.  He couldn't take everything, of course.  He could take only the things he could carry.  After all, Billy Ray is homeless, and homeless people have to travel lightly.  Billy Ray doesn't believe in asking God for his needs.  He prays only for guidance.  He figures God already knows his needs, and God has never let him down yet.  He keeps a positive attitude.


I asked Billy Ray if he was lonely.  He is.  He talked about the difference between being lonely and being alone.  It seems that we both kind of needed each other tonight.  I fought back tears, many times unsuccessfully throughout the meal.  I tried not to weep openly, and yet tears streamed down my face more than once, and my eyes were moist nearly all the time (as they are even now).  Billy Ray didn't care, and he didn't probe.  He just listened, and talked, and made me feel like it was ok to be me, including tears.


We talked about sin.  I think he brought up the topic, but I can't remember for sure.  According to Billy Ray, the worst sin a person could commit is unfaithfulness.  We spoke of our specific issues of guilt, forgiveness, and renewed faith.  I was so surprised by his wisdom.  He spoke truth to me, but he somehow mixed in the right amount of grace.  I'm not sure how he did it, but he didn't let me off the hook for sin in my life, and yet I never felt he was judging me.  Never once did I feel that I wasn't his friend any more.  Oh how I cried.  We talked about forgiveness and starting anew, and...so many things.  I think I realized at dinner that we're all homeless in some ways.  In fact, Jesus was homeless, literally.  It's just that some of us are homeless because we've lost our bearings and the compass of our souls while others simply lose a roof over their heads.  Billy Ray has the biggest roof of all over his head...or at least that's what he said.


I asked Billy Ray if he was happy.  I told him that when I see a homeless person, I never really know how I can help.  But then again, if Jesus was homeless, and if a homeless person is happy, maybe my help really isn't help.  By the way...he's happy, but he doesn't want to be homeless.  He has dignity and pride in the positive sense of the word.


We talked about the real challenges of a homeless person finding work.  He said that a homeless person can't exactly get a job in a restaurant because it's difficult to practice good hygiene.  People don't want you around the food, and he wouldn't do anything to embarrass an employer.  It's hard to get a job where you have to be clean.  He can't always take a bath.  Sometimes the kids will soap the fountain near where I found him so they can frolic in the suds.  Billy Ray gets in and plays with them...but his real purpose is to take a bath.  Anyway, unless a job comes with a uniform that is cleaned by the employer, a homeless guy has a hard time finding a job.  About the only area where you can come to work dirty is in construction.  And it's hard to find a construction job in a location that has some of the needs of a homeless person (like shelters and food kitchens). 


I asked Billy Ray what a person could do to really help a homeless person.  I honestly didn't know.  I said, Let's say for example that I had $50-$100 to give you.  How could that help you the most.  His answer surprised me.  He said what he needed most was a cell phone.  You can't get a job if people can't call you.  Without a cell phone, you have to go there every day to see if they're hiring.  Then if you skip a day, they may hire someone else since you weren't here.  You see, most people don't give the same courtesy to a homeless guy that they would give to someone else...either that, or they just don't know how the world works for a person who doesn't have an address or a phone #.


So Billy Ray and I went to find a cell phone.  We were looking for one of those pre-paid things where you get X amount of minutes, and when those are done you can buy X amount of minutes more.  We came close to making a deal with the sales clerk when I wondered if I could add minutes to his phone when he needed them.  Could I continue to help Billy Ray even though I was so far away?  Then it struck me.  Why not add Billy Ray to my cell phone plan?  Instead of him scraping and saving every possible minute, why not pay $10/month and just let him be my family.  Heck, we even look alike.  People might think we're brothers or something! 


On this night, Billy Ray was more than my brother.  He was an angel sent from God.  He even told me that maybe we met tonight because I needed him more than he needed me.  I cried again, because he was so right. 


When a person loses their way, God has a unique way of starting the process of recovery.  I needed Billy Ray tonight.  My night went from the worst possible to one of the coolest experiences of my life.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm still lonely.  But at least tonight I felt like I had a soul again.  Maybe there's hope after all.  Billy Ray may be homeless in terms of walls and a roof, but I needed a home for my heart.



Sunday, July 8, 2012

Apparently a Picture Paints Exactly 5 Words

Nashville gets steamy in the summer. If you trip and fall, the hot asphalt could scar you permanently.  Birds need pot holders to pull worms from the ground. 

On one such day I ventured to the downtown area to explore.  I parked the car, called my wife, and approached a parking lot attendant to get advice on what to see.  While we were talking, a man and wife approached the car beside us.  The man helped his wife in the car, but then he stood to listen to my conversation with the parking attendant.

What I saw next was the passenger car door opening.  The woman stuck out her hand, palm up, with an element of frustration.  The body language was clear.  “I want the keys so I can turn on the air conditioner, you jerk!” 

That’s what I saw.  Remember that my wife was still listening on the phone.  All she heard was, “Sir, your wife is hot!”

My injuries have healed, but I will forever remember the truth that body language communicates more than words!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Apparently smoke detectors lack intelligence...

My embarrassing experience with the Houston fire department began in Kansas City. A seasoned traveler commented that steam could remove wrinkles from a shirt. That information appeals to one who can’t figure out which side of an iron to hold.

I arrived in my room and promptly removed my shirt from the suitcase. I hung the shirt in the bathroom, turned the shower to its hottest setting, and closed the door. Proud of myself for planning ahead for the next day, I called my sweetheart. Time flies when you’re having fun.

After about 45 minutes of conversation, I remembered my shirt, the shower, the hot water, and the closed bathroom door. As I threw open the door, a volcanic burst of steam hit my face. By the time I fought my way through the fog to turn off the water, I heard a disconcerting sound.

Smoke detectors don’t make good elevator music. They don’t produce pleasant and soothing sounds appreciated by those on the 18th floor of a hotel. They also apparently can’t tell the difference between smoke and steam. I quickly called the front desk to confess my blunder. Doors began to open and slam in the hall as my fellow travelers expressed curiosity and concern. One voice proclaimed, “Some idiot is smoking!”

I stuck my head out into the hall way, and thought about agreeing, “Yeah, some idiot is smoking!” But instead, I ‘fessed up. With a sheepish grin, I said, “I’m the idiot. I was trying to steam my shirt in the bathroom.” At least everyone seemed happy that evacuation was unnecessary.

Then I heard the sirens.

I love happy endings. No firemen dressed in battle gear stormed the hallway. No axe was swung, and no idiot was arrested or publically humiliated. In fact, the rest of the evening was quiet and uneventful. And on top of all that, my shirt looked really good the next day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apparently I had writer's block

Sometimes I notice strange things and ask goofy questions.  For example, why do the question mark and exclamation point reside at different corners of my keyboard?  (For the historical background, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QWERTY). Generally speaking, the arrangement places the keys you use the most right under your fingertips, while you must stretch for keys that are used less frequently.  Other characters even require the combined use of the SHIFT key, presumably because they account for even less activity.

My little pinkie is the weakest finger on my hand, and I have to use both of my pinkies to access the question mark and exclamation point.  The exclamation point has become my nemesis.  I have to think about it each time I want to use it@1!  (There, I finally got it.)  I don't have many problems doing commas and periods; I use them more often, and they come naturally.  But exclamation points give me fitsQ@#!

You know something?  In an indirect way, the arrangement of a keyboard reveals something about who we are.  We all tend to make a greater number of bland, traditional statements that need nothing more than a period to complete them.  We live most of our lives in the "ordinary" mode and need only to signal others when we're through with a thought or action.

Why don't we live more in the exclamation mode?  Why are the question marks not more numerous?  Is it simply because we must stretch a little farther on the keyboard to access them, or is it because we must stretch our spirits more than what we feel comfortable with?  (OopsQ1@!  I ended that last sentence with a preposition.) 

History remembers men and women who lived their most noble moments in the exclamation or question modes.  They changed the world not with the ordinary and bland, but with actions that require powerful punctuation to describe them.  Live your life so that others require both pinkies to capture your essence!  (No mistakes there!, I’m getting used to this!)  Live with passion and exploration!