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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Apparently a Picture Paints Exactly 5 Words

Nashville gets steamy in the summer. If you trip and fall, the hot asphalt could scar you permanently.  Birds need pot holders to pull worms from the ground. 

On one such day I ventured to the downtown area to explore.  I parked the car, called my wife, and approached a parking lot attendant to get advice on what to see.  While we were talking, a man and wife approached the car beside us.  The man helped his wife in the car, but then he stood to listen to my conversation with the parking attendant.

What I saw next was the passenger car door opening.  The woman stuck out her hand, palm up, with an element of frustration.  The body language was clear.  “I want the keys so I can turn on the air conditioner, you jerk!” 

That’s what I saw.  Remember that my wife was still listening on the phone.  All she heard was, “Sir, your wife is hot!”

My injuries have healed, but I will forever remember the truth that body language communicates more than words!


  1. What a story Doug. What a transparent testimony! I know the feeling all to well l after being a caregiver for the last 14 years. May God bless both you and Bill Ray.

  2. So who did you get your injuries from, your wife, when you got home and she met you at your car with an attitude, or the husband listening to your conversation who thought you were hitting on his wife? Either way, I imagine a lesson was learned as you were peeling yourself from the asphalt. I hope the marks are no longer visible almost 1 year later. Very cool story.

  3. From my wife! :) But not really. She thought it was pretty funny, too.